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As a pet service provider starting and growing my business, I’ve had the benefit of a great support network. As I’ve continued to meet other pet professionals through groups, events, and trade shows, it became very clear that our niche could use a networking site specific to our industry. I realize that the level of support I’ve had is unique and invaluable.

Working with my co-founder, we sat down to list the benefits of having a go-to graphic artist (my dad), techie friends to help me speak the language when building my website. A digital marketing buddy that gave me constant guidance and taught me about Instagram stories (still learning) as well as cross-promoting, the value of knowing and supporting your community.

Aside from building a great community of support, it’s an opportunity to reach out and ask questions about anything from business management software and apps to the best marketing, advertising and event planning methods, to help support each other in marketing and cross-promoting, to the mundane but necessary things like implementing processes, policies and procedures.

By launching LeashedIn, we hope to become a valuable tool and resource to support you in your business growth and success.

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